Welcome to YANTRA 2020

Welcome to YANTRA 2020


Welcome Message

Greetings from NIMHANS! With an objective to bring together all the traditions of yoga to lay a common platform for the scientific research as well as communication of research to the public, the NIMHANS Integrated Centre for yoga had planned an international conference titled “Yoga And Neuro-sciences: Traditions and Research Approaches” (YANTRA 2020) on 26th and 27th of June 2020. Unfortunately the COVID-19 health crisis meant that the conference could not be held as originally planned, and we apologize for any inconvenience on this count.

However, this crisis has made yoga and the yogic way of life even more relevant to protect our health (both physical and mental) and our environment! Therefore we have decided to go ahead with the conference in a virtual (online) mode in October 2020. The conference will retain its focus on building consensus on the practice of yoga for mental health, with some additional sessions relating to yoga and its usefulness in the context of COVID-19. There is also a symposium meant for yoga researchers focused exclusively on scientific research on yoga.

It has been planned in a unique way – 4 brief sessions over two weekends ( 9th, 10th, 16th and 17th Oct 2020) with a ‘connecting yogic bridge’ consisting of exclusive online live yoga sessions for one hour every day from 11 – 15 October which would be conducted by masters from different schools of yoga participating in the conference. The timing of the conference and the yoga sessions have been chosen to allow people all over the world to join in and enjoy this festival of Yoga which promises to be both academic and practical.

I welcome all of you who are interested in yoga and the science behind it to this unique conference. In keeping with the theme for the 2020 International Day of Yoga which is ‘Yoga at home and Yoga with family’, you can join the conference from the comfort of your own home along with your family!

Thank you,

Dr Shivarama Varambally
Dr Aarti Jagannathan
Dr Hemant Bhargav

Organizing Secretaries, YANTRA 2020

Inaugural Address by:

Shri Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev

Isha Yoga, Comibatore

Valedictory Address by:

Shri Shri Ravishankar Guru Ji

Art of Living Foundation

Sudarshan Kriya Yoga Bengaluru