Welcome to YANTRA 2020

Welcome to YANTRA 2020


Welcome Message

Hello and welcome to the home of yoga, India! Although, India is the home and the spiritual root of yoga, we have seen that just like a big tree is spreading its branches, the branches, the fruits and the flowers of yoga have spread all over the world and benefited millions of people around the globe. Why do people do yoga? It is because they perceive several benefits from it, and this is a practice that has been occurring since millennia. However, over the years we seem to have forgotten that yoga at its root is a science and not a mystical practice. India has given rise to many traditions of yoga and these traditions have faithfully kept alive the philosophy of yoga and have been doing humane service in their own way. However, if we must give yoga a platform as one of the sciences just like any of the other sciences in the modern world, it is imperative that we understand the science behind this and also communicate this to other sciences as well as the world at large.

To do this, the NIMHANS Integrated Centre for yoga (NICY), which has been established in the Institute of National Importance i.e. NIMHANS, has been striving to do research on the scientific underpinnings of yoga in both healthy people as well people with various psychiatric and neurological disorders. However, it is a small part of the work which has to go on worldwide, and to achieve this we are very keen to bring together all the traditions of yoga to lay a common platform for the scientific research as well as communication of research to the public.

In this endeavor, we are now conducting an international conference on 16th and 17th of October 2020 which is titled “Yoga And Neuro-sciences Traditions And Research Approaches” or YANTRA 2020. I welcome all of you who are interested in yoga and the science behind it to this wonderful conference set in Bengaluru, which is a beautiful part of Southern India. The conference will be held in the NIMHANS Convention Centre. Again, I welcome all of you.

Thank you,

Dr Shivarama Varambally
Organizing Secretary
Professor of Psychiatry & Office-In-Charge
NIMHANS Integrated Centre for Yoga